Garrett agrees with the Claiborne penalty

IRVING, Texas -- Late in the fourth quarter of the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, cornerback Morris Claiborne was called for a pass interference penalty while defending a pass to Donnie Avery.

It was a close play in which Claiborne reached around Avery to knock down the third-down pass. The penalty, with about two and half minutes to play, kept the drive alive for the Chiefs and allowed them to take the clock down to 16 seconds.

After watching the play again, coach Jason Garrett agreed with the call.

"Obviously, we don't want him to be that aggressive," Garrett said. "I think that call was a legitimate one. He grabbed (Avery) a little bit and I think that call was the right one. From a technical standpoint, you just have to have a little more poise in that situation. One of Mo's strengths as a corner is he does have poise. That's why he makes so many plays on the ball. He doesn't panic when the ball's in the air, and has good body control when he's dealing with the receiver and the ball. This particular time, he didn't do that. He just got a little aggressive and really didn't need to do that, and they made the right call."

After the game, Claiborne said he wouldn't change his aggressive play, despite questions about whether or not he should have tackled Avery over going for the ball. In some instances, it's hard to ask a corner to not make plays on the ball when that's what he's trained to do.

"It ain't how we play," Claiborne said when asked about tackling Avery instead of going for the ball. "When you're out there at corner you're not trying to give up on nothing, you want to be aggressive and that was an opportunity I thought to make a play and be aggressive and they just called a PI."