Mo Claiborne wouldn't change a thing

IRVING, Texas -- With time to think about it, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Morris Claiborne said he would have defended the third-down pass to Donnie Avery that led to a pass interference penalty in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s 17-16 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs the same way.

“The call is man-to-man, and I’m up in press,” Claiborne said. “What else can I do? I can’t let him just run inside of me and let him catch it. He was pretty close to that marker too, that first-down marker.”

On Monday coach Jason Garrett agreed with the official’s call on Claiborne that allowed the Chiefs to effectively kill the game and said Claiborne didn’t need to be that aggressive in that situation. Claiborne watched the play on his iPad on the flight home and did not believe the call was correct.

“We haven’t discussed that play,” Claiborne said. “No one.”

Claiborne said his injured left shoulder feels better this week and he is more used to the harness. He does not wear extra padding, but he did take a pain-killing injection before the Chiefs’ game.

He is more into the power of positive thinking.

“I keep trying to tell me, ‘You’re not hurt. You’re not hurt. You’re not hurt,’” Claiborne said, “just to try to tell myself that and a couple of times I believed myself. A couple of times I didn’t. But I’m just going to try to keep that side where I believe it and deal with the consequences later on.”