Brian Waters getting feet wet for Cowboys

IRVING, Texas – Brian Waters hadn't played in more than a year, so when the newly signed guard made his Dallas Cowboys debut Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium against the Kansas City Chiefs, he got a quick lesson on what he'd missed.

He lined up for a field goal and got popped.

"I got my feet wet the first play," Waters said. "A field goal, and they put three guys over me and hit me in my mouth, that was about as wet as my feet could get. So after that I knew it was back to football. Football is not a touch-your-toe-in-the-water-type game -- you wanna dive in, and it's not one of those things where I can crawl. I wanna get on the field running."

Waters, a six-time Pro Bowler, shared snaps at right guard with Mackenzy Bernadeau, something that could happen again when the Cowboys take on the St. Louis Rams in Week 3 at AT&T Stadium. Waters said he's not concerned about that arrangement because he's still working to improve his game.

"I think it has some good and some bad," Waters said of his efforts against the Chiefs. "A lot of things I want to get better at. I'm never going to give myself too much credit for playing football because there's always ways to get better -- and I definitely gave myself things to work on this week."

The Cowboys' struggles in the run game can be attributed to the starting running back, DeMarco Murray, to the way the line blocked and to the type of running plays the coaching staff called. Waters feels it will take a collective effort to improve an attack that hasn't scored a rushing touchdown in 2013. For his part, Waters said he must focus on his footwork in hopes of getting a good push off the line.

"As an offensive lineman, you have to make sure your feet are right," he said. "If not, you're going to be in some bad situations when it comes to attacking the defensive linemen. You will be out of position, and you want to make sure your feet put you in the right place."