DeMarcus Ware looks to pass Harvey Martin

IRVING, Texas -- With 113 sacks, DeMarcus Ware is technically the Dallas Cowboys’ all-time leader in sacks because the NFL did not recognize sacks as an official stat until 1982.

With 1.5 more sacks, Ware will take over what the Cowboys call the official sack total from Harvey Martin, who had 114 sacks from 1973-83.

“You know with the tradition the Cowboys have had, the pass-rushers they’ve had, Ed 'Too Tall' Jones, Randy White, Charles Haley, Harvey Martin, you can keep going, being part of that tradition, being able to etch your name with those guys, that’s what it’s about when you talk about playing with the Dallas Cowboys,” Ware said. “There is always one more thing you need to add to that, and that’s winning a championship. That’s what we’re trying to do this year.”

Ware had two sacks last week against the Kansas City Chiefs and is fully aware that the St. Louis Rams, Sunday’s foe, are the only team to not allow a sack this season.

Ware said Sam Bradford gets rid of the ball quick.

“With our cornerback core, you have to be able to hold those guys up, give us a little bit more time to get to the quarterback,” Ware said. “But with them having zero sacks, with a defensive line, it’s like, ‘OK, we need to figure out how to get a couple of numbers on there and get pressure on the quarterback.’”

Ware said he does not know much about Martin, who made it to the Pro Bowl four times and was co-MVP of Super Bowl XII with White.

“I’m not a big historian, but when you have an opportunity to break someone’s record, it’s always a blessing so you need to know the reason why you’re doing it and you need to know about that person,” Ware said. “I need to make sure I learn about him.”