DeMarco Murray credits Bill Callahan

IRVING, Texas -- After Week 2, Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray was 19th in the NFL with 11 rushing yards on 32 carries.

One week later, Murray is fourth in the league with 286 yards on 58 carries. Murray's 175 rushing yards on 26 carries in the blowout victory against the St. Louis Rams was the break he needed.

Murray said he owes the success he had in the run game to offensive coordinator Bill Callahan.

"Whenever you’re able to run the ball and pass it the way we did, you’ve got to give Callahan credit," Murray said. "He called a great game for us. [Tony] Romo put us in great positions to be successful as an offense. As I said, the offensive line played well all day."

Murray established himself quickly with 14 yards on the first carry, then picked up 7 more yards on the next attempt. After the first quarter, Murray rushed for 86 yards, far more than what he did in the Week 2 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

"We have some good players on our side," Murray said. "We have a lot of respect for those guys coming into the game. They played well. You’ve got to give them credit. We were able to let some of our players go one-on-one with Dez [Bryant] outside, Miles [Austin] and Jason Witten, whenever the offensive line is giving everyone that much time and opening up holes like that, we’re a good offense."

After the Chiefs game, Murray received plenty of criticism for how he ran.

Coaches, players and front office personnel said the running game struggles (12 carries for 25 yards) were attributed not so much to Murray but to a combination of the offensive line, running backs and play calling.

"I wasn’t aware of anything, whether it was positive or negative," Murray said. "I don’t read into it too much. All I’m doing is trying to work hard, and whatever they ask me to do, I’m trying to do it. I’m sure those guys [offensive line] aren’t worried about anything, either. We’re out here, playing football, having fun, at the same time try to win games."