Dez Bryant apologizes, plans to appeal fine

IRVING, Texas -- Dez Bryant will keep his touchdown celebrations simple from now on.

Bryant received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for making a throat-slash gesture after his customary X signal with his arms when he scored in Sunday’s win over the St. Louis Rams. He actually just waved his hands under his chin, as if to say, “Cut it off,” but Bryant acknowledged that he made a mistake.

“I shouldn’t have done it anyway,” said Bryant, who nevertheless plans to appeal the fine he anticipates is coming from the NFL office. “I never put anything with the X. Do the X and go on.”

After being flagged, Bryant made a beeline to coach Jason Garrett to apologize for the penalty.

"He said, ‘I screwed up. I’m sorry. It’s just a reaction I had. I won’t do it again,’” Garrett said. “What do you say to that? Let’s go to the next one."