Jason Witten, Antonio Gates are QB-friendly

IRVING, Texas -- Let’s play a quick game of “Guess Who Said This?”

“He’s one of my closest buddies on the team. We’ve been here now together -- this is our 10th season together. His locker’s right beside mine. We have that chemistry from lots of dialogue, obviously, and conversations about routes and things, but we also have that unspoken chemistry. I have a feel for him, when he’s coming out of a cut, when he’s doing this, or what he sees and he kind of knows when to speed up routes. He just has that sense of timing and things like that. It’s been a real pleasure to play with him all those years. We got to hopefully keep it going this year and keep things rolling.”

Sounds a lot like Tony Romo talking about Jason Witten, but it’s actually San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers talking about Antonio Gates.

Romo and Witten are on their 11th season as teammates, and Witten was one of the groomsmen in Romo’s wedding.

Witten talked about the two eight-time Pro Bowl tight ends.

“I think at the end of the day there’s different ways to get there,” Witten said. “Obviously he was a basketball player and has great feel and athletic ability. At the end of the day it’s all about body and leverage. I think he understands, just like I do, that those are the matchups you want to create -- whether it’s on a linebacker or a safety -- of how do you use that leverage, and your quarterbacks have confidence in you. I think Phillip has a lot of confidence in him, quite like Tony and I.”

They might get the job done differently but they have 16 Pro Bowl appearances between them.

“Quarterbacks,” coach Jason Garrett said, “tend to migrate to things that work out for them.”

Witten has worked out for Romo, and Gates has worked out for Rivers.