Orlando Scandrick expresses confidence in Claiborne

IRVING, Texas – In his sixth season, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick has seen just about everything possible. He has gone through what Morris Claiborne is currently going through.

Scandrick has replaced Claiborne in the starting lineup in part because of Claiborne’s injured shoulder and in part because of how well he has played.

“The first four years of my career was highs and lows,” Scandrick said. “It was up and down, up and down and it’s a learning curve. If you got and take a lot of cornerbacks in this league it’s been a learning curve except for the elite guys. There’s some elite guys that just get it right now and they’re God given and blessed with it. It’s definitely a learning curve and you’ve got to remain confident and just go out and hone in on your craft and continue to get better every day. I was fortunate enough to play with Terence Newman, a guy who’s still playing and still making plays, and Terence would always tell me, ‘If you haven’t had a bad game, you haven’t played enough games.’ It just happens.”

The Cowboys moved up in the 2012 draft to take Claiborne with the sixth overall pick, and they allowed that he received their highest grades for a defensive back since Deion Sanders. So far Claiborne has had one interception in his first 19 games and is coming off a rough outing at San Diego.

“He’s going through a rough patch in his career, but I’m so confident in him and I continue to talk to him,” Scandrick said. “I think his talent is too good for him not to mature … I support him all the way and I’m confident in him.”