DeMarco Murray becomes a key component

IRVING, Texas -- A major component in the Cowboys' game with the Denver Broncos on Sunday is the run game.

Should the Cowboys focus on ball control, by running the ball, to keep Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning off the field?

"I don't think so," said running back DeMarco Murray, who is third in the NFL with 356 rushing yards. "We got a good defense. They give us a lot of opportunities with takeaways and that they're playing well for us. We know they're a good offense, but we're a good offense as well. We're going to continue to play our game and control what we can control and score as many points as we can like we do any other week."

The Cowboys rushed for just 37 yards in a Week 2 loss at Kansas City and there was all sorts of pressure on the run game to produce after that. The next two weeks, the Cowboys rushed for 285 yards.

Murray and the offensive line are a big part of the success and they hope to build on that Sunday against the Broncos.

"It was good," Murray said of the run game against the Chargers, where the Cowboys gained 92 yards on 16 total carries. "Whenever you can run the ball and be two-dimensional, it's always good for your offense and we got to continue to get better each and every week. We've been working on things, trying to continue to execute the little details in the run game, the pass game and whatever we're trying to do is trying to make sure we're trying to execute."