Friendship set aside for Williams, RG III

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams and Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will have to put their friendship on hold this weekend.

Close friends from their days at Baylor, Williams and Griffin talk and text often, though rarely about football.

“I’m happy to see him, but we have a game to play and I’m pretty sure we’re both going to try to do our best so we can come away with a victory,” Williams said. “But during the game I can’t talk to him. After the game, I sure will be able to talk to him.”

They were teammates for four seasons. Williams caught 59 passes for 957 yards and 11 touchdowns in Griffin’s Heisman Trophy season.

“Talking about Terrance is going to make me sad so I’m not going to do that,” Griffin said. "Terrance is a great player and he knows how I feel about him and I’m glad he’s able to shine down there in Dallas.”

Why sad?

“All the guys that are in the league, him Josh Gordon, Kendall Wright, all my receivers that are playing well with other teams, it gives you flashbacks to what we did in college,” Griffin said, “and that was a lot of fun to watch. And hopefully we’ll all reunite eventually.”

Williams had a Baylor-like game for him last week against Denver with four catches for 151 yards and an 82-yard touchdown. He smiled when talking about his time with Griffin.

“It was one of the best experiences I’ve had,” Williams said. “That’s college. But we’re with whole different teams now. Those are good stories we can always bring up when we always go back to Baylor.”