Chris Jones expecting more action this week

If there was one position that was barely needed in Sunday's Cowboys-Broncos scorefest, it was the punters. In fact, Cowboys punter Chris Jones was the only one who trotted onto the field in punt formation. And he did that just once.

"I don't ever remember punting just once at any time in my career," Jones said. "It was strange."

Jones, who punted for Carson-Newman and was an all-area punter at Coosa High School in Rome, Ga., said he stayed ready, but "every time there was a third down, it seemed like we got a big play."

Jones, who punted in just four games in 2012 after suffering a knee injury, has a 46.2-yard average in punts this season and a 39.3 net.

"I'm not saying that our offense won't move the ball, but I bet I get to punt three times or more," Jones said. "Punting once is rare."

The last time the Cowboys punted just once in a game was last October against the Baltimore Ravens. (For those curious, the last time the Cowboys didn't punt was 2000.)