Brandon Carr hungry for more challenges

IRVING, Texas -- Brandon Carr says the defense is finding its identity. Well, so is he. And that identity is starting to look like a shutdown corner whose job is to contain the biggest wide receiver threat on the field.

Two weeks ago, Carr was lined up against Demaryius Thomas as Peyton Manning threw the ball all over Arlington. But it wasn’t Thomas that killed the Cowboys that day. Carr did a solid job. He got another chance on Sunday, shadowing Pierre Garcon. Carr broke up three passes and helped hold Garcon to 69 yards and six catches.

“He’s a darn good football player,” head coach Jason Garrett said. “I thought we knew that when we signed him as a free agent last year. He’s just getting better and better. Talk about a guy who goes about it the right way. He’s very serious minded. It’s very important to him. He has some physical traits that are hard for receives to get away from him. He’s big. He’s long. He’s strong. He can run and he can make plays on the ball like you saw last night.”

So how does Carr feel about the added responsibility of going against the opposition’s top wideout?

“It’s a compliment and a great challenge for me,” Carr said. “I’ve been working to try to get to this level for six years now. It’s still a work in progress. I’m down for any task or any challenge they present to me, any receiver they want me to go after.”

That probably means that Carr will see plenty of DeSean Jackson, who went up against Darrelle Revis on Sunday and had two touchdown catches in the Eagles’ win, on Sunday. Carr stressed that it will take 11 guys to defend him.

“He’s a deep threat. He’s a dynamic player. He’s a playmaker,” Carr said about Jackson. “He always finds himself behind defenders in the passing game. That’s a guy you can’t go to sleep on. He can be explosive and both quarterbacks have good arms and can get the ball to him.”

Garrett can see Carr’s confidence growing.

“You need to have confidence to play corner in this league,” Garrett said. “We’re going to give him chances to do that and every time we have he’s stepped up and done the job.”