Eagles are a new look for Cowboys

IRVING, Texas -- For more than a decade, the Dallas Cowboys knew what they were going to get from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Andy Reid was the head coach. They ran a West Coast offense and they were a pressure-happy, 4-3 defense.

That has all changed with Chip Kelly running the Eagles' show with his high-tempo offense from Oregon, and they now run a 3-4 scheme on defense.

The Cowboys get their first up-close look at the Eagles Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

“It is a little different,” coach Jason Garrett said. “Typically you would know your division opponents a little bit more. It feels a little more like another kind of game, a conference game or a game with an AFC team.”

In the offseason the Cowboys studied Oregon, but they have four preseason games and six regular-season games to get a feel for what Kelly likes to do with the Eagles.

“I think you see a lot of things you saw at the college level, but I think there have been some adjustments they've made as well,” Garrett said. “The field is different in the NFL. The hashmarks make a difference. In college football you have a wide side of the field you have to contend with. In the NFL not quite as much. But you see a lot of the same formation he used in college and a lot of the same schemes, particularly in the running game.”