Bryant remembers Williams' harsh words

IRVING, Texas – The Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles rivalry has a history of hard feelings, so cornerback Cary Williams was a great fit as a free-agent addition for Philadelphia this offseason.

After all, Williams already had a beef with Dez Bryant.

Those two got into it during the Cowboys’ loss to Baltimore last season, and the war of words escalated after the game. Bryant declared that Williams should have been called for pass interference on a potential tying two-point conversion. Williams didn’t mince words with his response.

“He needs to step up and be a man," Williams told reporters in the Baltimore locker room that afternoon. "You can’t be a baby about stuff. You’ve got to man up. It’s one-on-one. Mano-a-mano. I got you. Sometimes you’re going to win. Sometimes you’re going to lose.

"You’ve just got to be a man and accept responsibility, give credit where credit is due. If it was me, I’d say, you know what, he made the play and I didn’t. Bottom line. Don’t complain and look for a flag, man.”

After reviewing the film, Bryant admitted that he dropped the ball, taking accountability for his mistake. However, he also made it clear that he didn’t appreciate Williams’ comments, offering a long-distance reminder that he did have 13 receptions and two touchdowns in the game.

Asked Wednesday about the acrimony between him and Williams, Bryant laughed, acknowledging that it’s been in the back of his mind this week.

“Hopefully, he left that where it was at,” Bryant said. “It’s just competition, man. That gets some people going, talking. That really doesn’t help some people out in certain situations.

“At that time, it was just heat of the moment. I felt a certain way, he felt a certain way. The past is the past. We’ll see what happens on Sunday.”

If Bryant and the Cowboys execute against a Philadelphia pass defense that ranks second-to-last in the league, Williams won’t have much to say.