Wrong route led to Tony Romo pick

PHILADELPHIA -- The second interception thrown by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in Sunday's victory over the Philadlephia Eagles was a result of a wrong route by running back Phillip Tanner, who got in the way of a pass intended for receiver Cole Beasley.

Linebacker DeMeco Ryans picked off the third-quarter pass and returned it 36-yards.

"Cole Beasley has his guy beat pretty good on the play and the ball is thrown to Beasley," Romo said. "Our back actually kind of end up going to the wrong spot even with it, the kid makes a good play on it, getting back into the play and then I got to be able to see him and not make that mistake."

On the return, Romo tried to strip Ryans near the sidelines, but right tackle Doug Free ended up making the tackle.

"I was trying to get the ball," Romo said. "I thought that was my best chance."

After the play, Romo yelled at Tanner for running the wrong route.

"That's what a leader of a team is supposed to do," Tanner said of getting chastised by Romo. "I respect him doing that as a leader."

Beasley ran a crossing route but Tanner was supposed to run his route in the opposite direction. When Romo threw the pass, Ryans moved to his right and snagged it. The Eagles converted the turnover into a field goal, cutting the Cowboys lead to 10-3.

The turnover wasn't a momentum changer for the Cowboys as Romo would lead the Cowboys on a 10-play, 72-yard scoring drive to push the lead to 17-3.

"That's a big play in the ballgame for the defense to get a stop and a sudden change there and not allow them to kick a field goal," coach Jason Garrett said. "That's really important and a significant part of the ballgame and then we responded back on offense to extend the lead one more time."