Garrett talks about Bryant getting mugged

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys coach Jason Garrett was playing with words on Monday in a chat with reporters regarding wide receiver Dez Bryant.

During Sunday's victory over the Eagles, Bryant complained to the officials about the defensive backs holding him. Bryant raised his hands after one non-call about getting mugged by the Eagles Cary Williams. During another pass play, Williams laid on top of Bryant which prompted quarterback Tony Romo to throw a ball in that direction, drawing a flag.

However, the potential penalty against Williams was negated by a penalty against guard Ronald Leary which offset everything.

But Bryant did draw a pass interference penalty prompting him to say 'thank you, thank you' to the officials.

A reporter asked Garrett if Bryant is getting mugged more during pass routes?

"When you say mug what does that mean?," Garrett said.

Grabbing and holding him, Garrett was told. "He's been dealing with that since he was in fourth-grade in Lufkin, Texas," Garrett said.

Garrett was then asked is it OK for Bryant to lobby for calls with the refs.

"When you say lobbying what does that mean?," Garrett said.

Talking to the refs and pointing things out.

"Yeah, this is a guy who gets a lot of attention," Garrett said. "Again, has gotten a lot of attention. Again, has gotten a lot of attention for a long, long time in his life. He has to get used to that and he has to understand how to play through that, whether it's a coverage that rolls to him or whether it's guys being physical with him during the play. Of if they're talking stuff to him after the play, you have to get to a point where that stuff doesn't bother you and just go play and keep playing and, 'Let my performance speak for itself.'

So he has to understand that and he's been dealing with it for a long, long time. Sometimes we all try to make the officials aware of something that might be happening in the ballgame to hopefully give us an advantage. Typically we're honest about it and he's certainly honest about it and if he feels like he's getting grabbed or tugged down the field, we have to let those guys know. You don't want to make that the focus of your day. You want to release, run my routes, catch the ball, get back to the huddle. Keep doing that over and over again."

“I don’t want to be a pain for the refs, but damn, some things are just obvious,” Bryant said. “I think if that ref didn’t ... You know what? I’m just happy he called it.