Cowboys unlikely to make trade deal

IRVING, Texas -- The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday but Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones acknowledged the team is not likely to strike a deal.

The Cowboys have limited salary-cap room to absorb money even for the final eight games of the season and will be in a difficult situation in 2014.

“It would have to really just fit right to sacrifice our cap some because it will be an issue for us next year and we certainly manage our salary cap hand in hand with ‘13, ‘14 and ‘15 all side by side,” Jones said. “We see how it affects each year.”

The last in-season trade the Cowboys made came in 2008 when they picked up wide receiver Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions. The Cowboys gave up 2009 first-, third- and sixth-round picks for Williams and a seventh-round pick. They signed him to a $45 million contract extension that guaranteed him $20 million.

Williams caught 19 passes for 198 yards and a touchdown in 10 games that season. The Cowboys released him after the 2010 season.

“I think people are getting more and more skilled at that in terms of how they look at it and know that if you trade for a guy he’s got to fit,” Jones said. “He’s got to fit under the cap. He’s got to fit under improving your team and I think teams are understanding that and that’s why you’re probably seeing more trades but it’s certainly not as easy as it would be if you didn’t have a salary cap. But I don’t think we’re ever going to have to worry about that again. As far as I’m concerned it looks like we’re going to have a salary cap for a long time.”

The Cowboys will continue to look at free agents for help, especially on the defensive line, and mentioned the team has several workouts scheduled for Monday.

“We’re just taking a look at guys,” Jones said. “Rod (Marinelli) is doing a heck of a job. I admire our young guys that are in there playing hard. To some degree, it’s a good situation. The guys know it’s week to week and they’ve got to play hard and give it their best and play the right style of defense. You’ve got to admire what that group is getting accomplished. But we certainly would look at any type of situation there if the right deal was there, but we also can’t, for a quick fix, do something that would hurt long term.”