Brandon Carr has a rough day

DETROIT -- Brandon Carr did everything he could on Sunday against Calvin Johnson.

It still wasn't enough.

While Johnson finished with 14 catches for 329 yards and one touchdown in the Detroit Lions' 31-30 victory against the Dallas Cowboys, Carr had a busy day himself. Carr, a Flint, Mich., native, had nine tackles, a pass breakup and he recovered a fumble by Johnson.

"It was challenging, we never had an answer for him," Carr said of Johnson, who had the second-best receiving performance in league history. That's the guy they kept feeding and keep feeding. We just didn’t adjust quick enough to take him out of the game and they rode him to a victory."

There were times when quarterback Matthew Stafford didn't care if there were two defenders on Johnson. Stafford completed a pass with Carr and rookie safety Jeff Heath on Johnson. In zone coverage designed to double Johnson, he found soft spots in the zone to make catches.

"That’s what he does, that’s what Dez Bryant does. Those types of players, they have a knack for getting the ball and jumping out for the ball," Carr said.

At one point, rookie B.W. Webb covered Johnson because the Lions moved Johnson to the slot.

It was a frustrating day for the Cowboys' secondary which allowed 488 passing yards and five pass plays of 25-yards or more. Johnson made a spectacular 87-yard catch-and-run on a slant. Johnson stiff-armed Carr in the chest and kept running until Heath pushed him out of bounds at the Dallas 3.

"It's crazy, shoot, I mean, we got one-on-one coverage and were able to hit on it a lot," Johnson said. "I don't know what our percentages were, but we were able to hit on a lot of deep passes, intermediate, we were all over the place."

Carr gave a brief answer when asked was Johnson's performance the best he's ever seen.

"I don’t know," he said. "It's up there."