Jakar Hamilton looks to rebound

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys rookie safety Jakar Hamilton made his debut late in the game against the Detroit Lions last week. Hamilton arrived late on two long pass plays on the Lions' last drive of the game that might have halted things.

Hamilton was inserted into the game because of injuries to safety Barry Church.

"As a rookie you try to haul it in and be very detailed," Hamilton said. "There are just certain things you have to go through to have an experience and that right there is a great experience for me. I have to be over the top a little bit more and what now. Not every situation is the same, instead of leaning, I should have been over the top and take away the pass. It's a great learning experience for me."

This week, Hamilton visited Church's house to watch game tape and get a feel for playing the position with the Minnesota Vikings coming to AT&T Stadium on Sunday.

"He’s responded well, he really has," coach Jason Garrett said of how Hamilton has practiced this week. "He’s a young guy who’s getting better every day and working hard at it and trying to learn from the coaches and trying to learn from the other guys he’s playing with. For those guys, you’ve heard me say this before, when you play your first snaps in the NFL, you remember those plays. You remember them well – both the good ones and the bad ones. You can talk all you want about the work in Oxnard, the work in minicamps and OTAs and on the practice field during the week, but when you play on the big stage, both good and bad, you can really benefit from those situations if you go about it the right way, and he certainly has."