Cowboys' focus on Giants, eye on Raiders

IRVING, Texas -- Might the schedule do the Dallas Cowboys a favor?

The Cowboys had a late bye week, but the timing of it allowed the Cowboys to get a small head start on their Thanksgiving Day opponent, the Oakland Raiders.

“You want to steal a couple of days,” coach Jason Garrett said. “The proximity of our bye to that game is better because we’ll have two of the games that we’ll use in our breakdown, they’ve already played. That’s been a positive thing for us. But again, you give that a little bit of attention, but our real focus on what we’re doing is the Giants.”

Had the bye week come in Week 6, the Cowboys would have taken a peek at the Raiders, but the information might not have been as useful. They were also able to see rookie Matt McGloin at quarterback for an injured Terrelle Pryor, which would be a benefit if McGloin is the starter on Nov. 28.

“We typically do a four-game breakdown of teams as you prepare, so two of them are in there,” Garrett said.

He was asked which two games and he could not remember the Raiders' previous opponents: the Giants and Philadelphia Eagles.

“I’m on the Giants,” he said.