Jason Witten: It's a six-game season

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten cut to the chase.

“People always say you got to have a tunnel vision with your approach,” Witten said. “I agree with that 100 percent. But there is a big picture; you have to understand that and where you are at. There is a mentality that says we have to play our best football and here is what it comes down to. These next six games are going to determine a lot of stuff.”

A lot of stuff. Like maybe the future of coach Jason Garrett and a number of assistant coaches. Like a number of players on the roster, whether they make a lot of money or not.

The Cowboys are coming off a 32-point loss on Nov. 10 to the New Orleans Saints and are stewing on that defeat because of what was a much-needed bye. A win Sunday against the New York Giants puts the Cowboys back into first place in the NFC East.

Lamenting games the Cowboys let slip, like the 51-48 affair against the Denver Broncos or the final-second loss to the Detroit Lions, does not do much good now.

“The reality of it is you think about this game and that game, but I think you have to stay away from that as players and focus on now,” Witten said. “There are other end of the games that could have gone a different way too, looking at Minnesota. Just kind of build on what got you to this point, what we have done well, what we can improve on.”

DeMarcus Ware looked back at the early games in the season to see the mindset.

“I went back and looked at when we played the Giants, when we played the Rams, games we played earlier, our demeanor in how we played,” Ware said. “We’ve got to play that way like we started off real strong, and I think us having this bye week right now we got to sort of think about, ‘OK, what got us to where we are and how can we get that back after this bye week and push forward that mentality for the rest of the season.’”