Ex-teammates respond to Allen's take

IRVING, Texas -- Will Allen said the Dallas Cowboys have a "very micromanaged atmosphere." Ex-coach Jimmy Johnson has said the Cowboys have a "country club atmosphere," in the past.

"Yeah, we can't do much right around here, I guess," tight end Jason Witten deadpanned. "You'd rather have it that way than country club."

Witten and cornerback Orlando Scandrick said they liked Allen as a teammate and respected his work ethic, but neither knew what the micromanage comment really meant.

"I think it's a pretty good group, coaches and players. I mean, guys work together and believe in each other, believe in the staff," Witten said. "There is a respect there. We want to win for them. They want to win for us. It's coaches and players, and players and players. It's a great group of guys that go out and work their tail off every day. It's the kind of locker room I've been around. I don't think there are micromanagers. There is always the pressure to go perform and that's in 31 other locker rooms as well. It's part of playing in pro football."

Scandrick said Allen is entitled to the opinion. What is Scandrick's opinion?

"I'm not going to get into it, man," he said. "We need to win football games, it is what it is. If it's micromanaging, we're 5-5. It's not good enough, so whatever we're doing whether we are micromanaging or not micromanaging it's not good enough and we need to figure out a way to win football games around here."