Jerry on taking the heat: 'It's a privilege'

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- On the Friday before the Cowboys game with the Giants, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he thought he's done a good job as the general manager the last few years.

The Cowboys have missed the playoffs the past three seasons.

But Jones made national news with his comments on his twice-a-week radio show on KRLD-FM.

After the Cowboys' 24-21 victory on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, Jones said the heat he receives from fans and media is something he relishes.

"It’s a privilege. I mean this. I mean it. It’s a privilege," Jones said. "It’s an absolute labor of love and a privilege to be critiqued if the Cowboys aren’t doing good. It is an honor to get to be with the team, the league and the game. I don’t like it. I want to do something about it to change it. But I don’t agree with what some people want me to do to change it. I hope no one thinks I am going to listen to that. Having said that, I expect it and frankly I do -- it’s a big part of my life and I cherish it."

Given how the Cowboys were blown out in their previous game, 49-17, to the Saints maybe Jones was trying to distract fans and the media from what's going on with the team.

Last week, Jones offered support for coach Jason Garrett's return in 2014 and his commitment to defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, whose defense ranks near the bottom in several defensive categories.

Jones said that he wasn't trying to distract anyone from the Cowboys' problems.

"I didn’t do it deliberately for that," Jones said regarding his comments of the last week. "But we could gild that lilly about all we want to or could. And would. But we didn’t need the Giants to beat us in here [Sunday] and they are very capable of it on the road. They were the favorites and our franchise, our year, didn’t need this. I think everybody sensed it but certainly the level I look at it from I know that it would have been sad times over these next coming weeks had we not won this game [on Sunday]."