Jerry wants Dez to handle the ball better

IRVING, Texas -- In his four-year career, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has fumbled 12 times, including twice this season. But it was his fumble in Sunday's game against the New York Giants that's prompted Jerry Jones to say he wants the receiver to work on his fundamentals.

"He's violent when he's got the ball," Jones said Tuesday morning on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM. "He's violent going after the ball. Consequently, he does need to have that ball in closer. He needs to fundamentally have it closer to his body."

Bryant, who fumbled a career-high five times last season, said ball security isn't a problem.

"I think my ball security, in my honest opinion, has been fine," Bryant said after Tuesday's practice. "It was just that kind of a game to where you have to be a little bit more prepared focusing on what kind of difficulties it will be in the cold weather, handling the ball. You just got to prepare a little bit better knowing you will be in the game."

Bryant is one of the more sure-handed players on the Cowboys, and with the team playing in more cold-weather environments in the latter parts of the season, the need to protect the ball becomes more of a focus.

"You’d like to say, 'Hey just take the ball and go straight up the field, rather than trying to take it across,'" Jones said. "Of course, about the time that comes out of your mouth, he goes lateral across that field and breaks it about 40 yards."