Dez Bryant gets moved around

CHICAGO -- To get any sort of success in the passing game, the Dallas Cowboys need to move wide receiver Dez Bryant around. On the season, Bryant has been targeted more times down the middle of the field (51) than any other place.

When the Cowboys move Bryant, not only does he get open more by creating matchup problems, he produces. In the past two weeks, Bryant has 16 catches for 147 yards with one touchdown.

"We've moved him around as we said, [and] we'll continue to move him around," offensive coordinator Bill Callahan said. "He's in every formation and location that you can even think of. I think a couple of games ago, we targeted him 16 times [against New York Giants] and he was in just about every imaginable formation you can think of. We're going to continue to do that not only with Dez but with a couple of other guys as well."

Inserting Bryant at different spots of the line of scrimmage has an affect on other players, too. If Bryant is lined up in the slot, Miles Austin and Terrance Williams can become outside receivers. Tight end Jason Witten can see single coverage when Bryant lines up near him. Defenses can't double Bryant all the time, so they have to put one of their best cornerbacks on him.

"We're all on board in trying to put him in positions where he can be successful and get the matchups we desire," Callahan said. "Whether it's Dez or Wit. When you move Dez, you're also moving other people and they're getting into other locations as well so that gives them opportunities. [You] try to keep that balance and try to keep that mix [which] is important."