Jerry Jones not worried about fan apathy

The financial success Jerry Jones is having with the Dallas Cowboys doesn't stop him from trying to fix what's wrong with a franchise that's 135-135 since 1997.

And whether the fans have apathy toward what's happening on the field doesn't worry him either.

"Not with games like the other day," Jones said on his twice-weekly radio show on 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday morning. "That's a show, if you want to look at it that way. Where there's due, we're there to win the ballgame and go forward and win the next ballgame."

Jones was talking about a thrilling contest Sunday afternoon where the Cowboys blew a 26-3 halftime lead and lost, 37-36, to the Green Bay Packers. Tony Romo threw two fourth-quarter interceptions and the defense allowed 34 second-half points with the Packers scoring on five second-half possessions.

It was the second-largest blown lead in Cowboys history and Romo has been part of the show the last few years, throwing seven interceptions with the score tied or his team ahead by one possession in the fourth quarter and overtime since 2006.

Jones' teams have one playoff victory under Romo and last reached the Super Bowl in the 1995 season. Finding the right head coach after Jimmy Johnson has been a challenge for Jones, who has voiced confidence in the current one, Jason Garrett, who is signed through the 2014 season.

Jones said Garrett will return.

But it will be hard to accept Garrett returning again if the Cowboys fail to reach the postseason for the third consecutive season under Garrett. If that occurs, the Cowboys will have missed the playoffs four consecutive seasons. The most recent longest stretch of missing the playoffs for the Cowboys was 1986-1990.

The Cowboys have a chance to reach the postseason if they win their remaining two games, starting Sunday at the Washington Redskins.

But the stunning loss to the Packers raised serious questions about the direction of the franchise, yet again.

“There’s no orchestrating that the other day,” Jones said. “I think everyone knows what’s at stake. We spent more money on this ball team than anybody in the NFL did this year. We have the leading No. 1 spend on a football team right here. We let it all hang out, we should."