Jerry: It's always been about winning

IRVING, Texas -- Jerry Jones' competitive fire should never be questioned. Nor should it be praised when it comes to football.

Jones would probably like to take back his comment from earlier this week about the Dallas Cowboys being "a show," citing the entertainment value as the reason that fan apathy didn't concern him. He made it clear Friday, during the second of his weekly appearances on 105.3 The Fan, that he desperately wants to win.

"A lot of people say I got into it to coach, and I say that with a wink," Jones said. "The bottom line is winning has always been everything. The first night that I got a chance to talk about being the new owner of the Cowboys, I said we've got to win. Winning is the name of the game.

"That's really what it's all about at the end of the day, is winning the football game."

If it's all about winning, why hasn't Jones fired the general manager who has overseen a franchise with a grand total of one playoff win in the last 17 seasons?

It's because he just wants to win the Jerry way. Winning wouldn't be enough fun if Jones the GM didn't get his hands dirty in putting the team together and receive his fair share of credit for the success.

That's why Jones' competitive fire is a significant part of the Cowboys' problem. He'll do whatever he can to help the Cowboys win except get out of the way.

The result is a perennially dysfunctional franchise with a top-heavy roster whose lack of depth tends to be exposed in December.

The bottom line is the Jerry way isn't working, no matter how much he wants it to. If winning is everything, it's time to try something else.