Recapping the Cowboys' week

IRVING, Texas -- It’s all or almost nothing for the Dallas Cowboys this week.

If they lose Sunday against the Washington Redskins, then they will need the Philadelphia Eagles to lose to the Chicago Bears on Sunday night to keep their playoff hopes alive.

In recapping the week, we can’t forget last week’s loss to the Green Bay Packers, but there is plenty to talk about with the Redskins, too.

• Jean-Jacques Taylor had no issue with Jason Garrett telling everybody the quarterback checked out of the play that led to an interception last week.

• Bill Callahan said he should never have called the play that led to Romo’s interception.

• The Cowboys could have put the Packers away last week if Romo connected on his deep passes to Dez Bryant. But that has been an issue most of the season.

• The Cowboys have the playoffs in front of them if they win. That’s more than the Redskins can say.

• Others outside the building might not have faith in Romo, but his teammates do.

• His team is 7-7 and fading, but Jerry Jones was happy to bring the fans a good show last week. Good grief.

• Redskins reporter John Keim and I bring you this week’s Double Coverage.