Jason Garrett worried about Eagles, not job

LANDOVER, Md. -- Jason Garrett may or may not be coaching for his job Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

But that it is near the top of his mind.

“I focus on doing my job as well as I can do it,” Garrett said Sunday after the Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins 24-23. “I think the emphasis that we placed on this for players and coaches in this league for a long time is do your job as well as you can do it each and every day. That’s certainly what I learned a long, long time ago. I’m proud of our group, how we fought, how we battled, how we gave ourselves a chance to win the game at the end by doing what we needed to do to win it. We have a great opportunity at our stadium next week.”

The Cowboys went 8-8 in Garrett’s first two full seasons, losing the season finales to the New York Giants and Redskins and missing out on NFC East titles and playoff spots. At 8-7, the Cowboys are in the same spot again.

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones wants Garrett to be his longest-tenured coach.

“He really showed me a lot, to be able to keep it together, to be able to keep it focused,” Jones said. “ … I thought he did an outstanding job of getting this team from the obvious, and that is having a tremendous disappointing loss against Green Bay. It was a killer, and it was something that was a real challenge for a coach to get them to come back and play well. I thought we played well initially. We had all of the respect in the world for the Redskins. But I thought we played well initially, even though it was a different way we were getting it done early in the game. And then again, you saw a little bit of what reality is when they came back out in the third quarter and were able to run on us and push us around. That’s reality and so you got to counter that. That doesn’t mean you can’t win the games or have a counter to it. Where the real deal is, how do you adjust to what was happening to us in the third quarter, and we were able to do it.”