Orton has had influence on offense, too

IRVING, Texas – We have spent the year referencing Tony Romo's "Peyton Manning time,” involvement with the Dallas Cowboys' offense this season, but Kyle Orton, who would start Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles if Romo can’t play, has been a big part of the production, too.

“It’s a good sounding board for Tony,” quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson said. “They bounce ideas and Kyle draws on his experiences and makes recommendations. He’s been very influential with that as well.”

While the Cowboys have not devised a “Kyle Orton game plan,” as Jason Garrett called it, they have tailored the game plan more to what Orton likes.

“Some like certain plays, some like other plays, some like certain personnel groupings and certain concepts more than others,” offensive coordinator Bill Callahan said. “It’s kind of a personal affinity to what they want. But the system doesn’t vary that much, though. We’re not completely shifting to a whole new offense. That’s not the situation at all.”

But these conversations have happened with Orton for the first 15 weeks, according to Callahan.

“We know what he likes,” Callahan said. “We’ve gone through that, past experiences with him in practice, during the week, during the game plan. We talk about plays.”