Is Tony Romo's weight a factor in recovery?

Let's be honest: Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo wasn't in the best of shape when training camp started in 2013. Coach Jason Garrett said Romo was a few pounds over what his prescribed playing weight was supposed to be.

Romo was listed at a career-high 236 pounds for the 2013 season. We assume Romo was close to 240 pounds once he was able to fully exercise following his recovery from surgery to remove a cyst from his back.

Cowboys officials said Romo couldn't work out as much because he was still recovering from the surgery. And Romo went on this famous workout in the mountains of Southern California to get his weight down before training camp. Romo, of course, had no problems passing the conditioning test necessary to participate in practices in Oxnard, Calif.

But with Romo coming off a more complex surgery to his back, on his herniated disc, the quarterback's weight might need to be lower than 236 pounds in order for him to help with the recovery.

In 2006, when Romo was just backing up Drew Bledsoe, Romo weighed 225 pounds and the next season he came in at 224.

Romo is 6-foot-2, so he should carry about 225 pounds on his frame with no problems. However, it's worth noting Romo weighed 230 pounds in 2012 and came in heavier the next season.