Will Bill Callahan call the plays in 2014?

MOBILE, Ala. -- Cowboys offensive coordinator/play caller Bill Callahan declined comment as he left Wednesday's practices for the Senior Bowl, however his status while secure, his duties might not be.

Cowboys executive vice president, Stephen Jones, wouldn't get into specifics, but Callahan might do some different things in 2014, which might include him not calling the plays.

"I wouldn’t address any of that until we finalize everything and we’re in the process of that," Jones said.

The Cowboys have maintained their coaches, mainly Callahan and defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin, are under contract for the 2014 season, but there could be some structural changes.

Defensive line coach Rod Marinelli said Wednesday he's still the line coach and while Kiffin said he was glad he was returning, he expects to maintain his role as defensive coordinator.

But Cowboys' officials won't confirm if the roles of Callahan and Kiffin will remain the same.

"Those guys are under contract and we’re always trying to figure out ways to do things better and that starts with us as a coaching staff and we’ll keep looking into what everyone's roles are and how everything settles down," coach Jason Garrett said Tuesday. "We do have some coaches who are out of contract and we’re trying to get those things settled and were in the process of those conversations, right now."

The Cowboys are close to finalizing the coaching staff with the expected hiring of tight end coach Mike Pope and promoting Carlos Polk to assistant special teams coach.

Garrett has called the offensive plays every year since 2007. But last year Jerry Jones wanted Garrett to improve his game management skills so Callahan became the play caller.

Garrett could regain those duties again, unless the Cowboys believe Callahan should continue doing it. Kiffin, 73, said he's not ready to retire and the Cowboys wouldn't let Marinelli out of his contract to go elsewhere because they value him.

Yet, something else could change.

"We're working on some of the guys who are out of contract, right now," Garrett said. "And when we look at the landscape of our staff and again try to put those guys in the right role. That's what we try to do with our football team and try to do that with our players all the time and certainly do that with our staff. What we try to do as an organization that’s what you're always trying to get accomplished."