Cowboys' split on Pro Bowl teams

IRVING, Texas -- The Pro Bowl is a painful game to watch, but the selection process this year was perhaps even more painful.

The two-day "draft" ended just minutes ago -- seemed like it anyway -- and three of the five Dallas Cowboys representatives are on Jerry Rice’s team and two were selected by Deion Sanders' club.

On Team Rice are DeMarco Murray, Tyron Smith and Jason Hatcher. On Team Sanders are Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. Maybe there is a thawing of the ice between Bryant and Sanders after their partnership with Under Armor back in 2010 went awry.

The faux trash talk made for an unfunny and never-ending broadcast.

The game already had the highest television ratings of any all-star game, so I don’t know why the NFL felt like this was a positive way to get some interest in a game that really isn’t football.

Anyway, kickoff is Sunday.

The interesting part will be to see if Hatcher has to tackle Witten or Bryant. So there’s that.