Jason Garrett: Bill Callahan is a pro

IRVING, Texas -- When the Dallas Cowboys hired Bill Callahan in 2012 it was as the offensive coordinator/offensive line coach.

When Callahan reports to Valley Ranch on Wednesday, he will have the same title. He will also have the same power as when he showed up two years ago because he will no longer call the plays.

After one year on the job, Callahan has been replaced by passing game coordinator Scott Linehan.

The Cowboys have denied Callahan permission to speak with the Cleveland Browns, according to a source.

Does Jason Garrett worry it will have a bad effect on Callahan?

“You make a lot of different decisions for the team and you do it always in the best interest of the team,” Garrett said. “You're trying to put guys in roles where they will thrive and be best for the team and this is no different than that. Bill is a pro. Bill's been doing this a long time. He understands transition and change and all those things. He along with the rest of the staff will embrace this and hopefully as a team we'll be better.”

That is easy to say, but coaches are human. With this move Callahan was told he wasn't good enough for the job. Now he has a chance to move on to another gig, perhaps as a playcaller but definitely with more years on a contract, and the team is blocking a move.

“We feel like the combination of Bill and Scott working with the rest of our staff will be really good for our team,” Garrett said. “That's the structure we'll go back to. It's more about the opportunity to bring in Scott Linehan than anything else. I thought we did a lot of positive things on offense this past year. The system remains in place with the tweaks and evolutions you make with the freshness new coaches can bring in, I think all of those are positive.”