Dallas Cowboys chat recap

IRVING, Texas -- For about an hour Wednesday, we chatted all things Cowboys, even mixing in an Oklahoma State basketball question at the end, I think.

There was a lot of draft philosophy talk, the future of DeMarcus Ware, what’s wrong with Morris Claiborne and how the Cowboys manage the cap.

Joey from Texas asked the old best-player available/need question about a draft since the Cowboys need so much help on the defensive line.

Here’s my take:

That's the balance, Joey. Let's say they take a D-lineman and they pass on a great receiver. What are we going to do? How could you pass on that guy? Did you learn nothing from Randy Moss? So there's a balance they have to play here. If the grades are separated by quite a bit, I'd go with the best player available. If it's close to even, go with need.

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