Scouting Jeremy Mincey

IRVING, Texas -- On Wednesday the Dallas Cowboys signed Jeremy Mincey to a two-year deal worth $4.5 million to be part of their defensive line rotation.

So who is Mincey?

I watched him play two games from last year while with the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Tennessee Titans and Arizona Cardinals. The Jaguars defense figures to look more like what the Cowboys defense will use in 2014 than what he did when he ended the season with the Denver Broncos.

According to an AFC personnel man, Mincey is mostly a left defensive end and is better against the run than the pass.

In those two games, he played all four spots on the defensive line but mostly played left defensive end. He moved into defensive tackle in passing situations and was able to generate a decent push up the middle. One thing I noticed: He was not on the ground a lot.

At times he would hesitate off the ball and wait to engage with a blocker, but he did not stop moving. While at right defensive end he was able to chase down Chris Johnson from the backside. At left defensive end he was able to handle the tight ends for the most part and was able to walk the tackle back into the quarterback.

His sack against the Cardinals came after Carson Palmer tripped pulling away from the center but he forced a sack when he bulled a tight end back into Palmer. When the Jaguars went to third-and-short distances, he was on the field.

Against the Titans he played 35 of 73 snaps. Against the Cardinals he played 26 of 69 snaps. It would not be wise to play him that many more snaps and the sense is the Cowboys would like to keep their snaps among their defensive linemen fairly even.

Mincey's versatility could allow George Selvie to spend more time on the right side, but I don’t know if he is built to be a full-time right defensive end.

Selvie proved to be a find last year, picking up seven sacks. Mincey has a lot of Selvie’s traits but he might not play with the same amount of thump.