Chat recap: Manziel too good to pass up?

IRVING, Texas -- Wednesday might be remembered as Prince Spaghetti Day to some of you (Google it) but it is also Dallas Cowboys chat day.

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We had a lot of questions on wide-ranging subjects, like:

** Dez Bryant's long-term future with the Cowboys.

** Drafting a running back considering DeMarco Murray's injury history.

** Selecting a tight end in the early rounds.

** And imagining what the Cowboys could do if they had a defense that was respectable and not ranked 32nd in the league.

Karen from Oklahoma asked this question: They way Stephen and jerry talked about manziel lead me to believe they would snag him if he fell. Do you believe that to be true? what about a bridgewater?

Here’ my answer: How far does he have to fall? If he's there at 10-12, do the Cowboys make a move? It sure would be tempting but Jerry is on record saying he doesn't want to draft a quarterback to sit, so keep that in mind.

To expand on the question here:

The Johnny Manziel question will be a good one when we meet with the Cowboys’ brass before the draft. They won’t give an answer because they don’t want to tip a hand on anything before the draft. But the Manziel situation could be like the Bryant situation in 2010.

I never believed Bryant would slip as much as he did, even with all of the pre-draft talk surrounding him. I thought teams would take a chance on his talent. But he slipped and the Cowboys moved up from No. 27 to No. 24 in a trade with the New England Patriots to get him. Jerry loved the talent and didn’t think he could pass it up even with the financial commitment he made to Roy Williams after the trade with the Detroit Lions and the commitment he would have to make to Miles Austin after the receiver’s breakout season.

It was a good move. Bryant has been an excellent pick.

So what if Manziel falls out of the top 10? In Todd McShay’s recent mock, he had Manziel available to the Cowboys at No. 16 and he took receiver Brandin Cooks. The Cowboys will go through all sorts of scenarios before the draft and one of them will have to have Manziel slipping a little.

Do the Cowboys move up?

Is Jerry that infatuated with Manziel? I can see the Cowboys picking him from a football perspective, too. He will be rated highly on the board. The Cowboys will have not only their quarterback of the future, but their marketing future as well. (Sadly, I think that does enter the organization’s thoughts when it comes to the draft.)

But they just gave Tony Romo a huge contract and need him to play at least another two years to make it work from a cap standpoint.