Romo, Bailey high on World Cup

IRVING, Texas -- With the World Cup starting today, few Dallas Cowboys will be more excited to see the tournament than quarterback Tony Romo and kicker Dan Bailey.

“You’re watching the best players in the world compete at the highest level. In anything that’s a joy to watch,” Romo said.

Romo grew up playing soccer before he played football. Bailey also grew up playing the sport and follows the beautiful game as closely as he can. When the Cowboys travel to London this fall to play the Jacksonville Jaguars, he hopes to take in a Premier League game if the schedule allows.

“It’s one of my favorite sporting events because it’s only every four years like the Olympics,” Bailey said. “I feel like soccer, you’ve got all the different leagues around the country, you got these guys who speak different languages and are from different cultures and backgrounds, but you put them on the field and it’s like everybody is on the same page. I just think it’s awesome. I think it brings everybody together, so it’s kind of a neat deal.”

Romo would not budge off selecting the United States as the winner, even if the Yanks coach, Jurgen Klinsmann, doesn’t think it will happen. Romo and Bailey mentioned Germany as the favorites. Romo said picking Brazil would be “too easy” of a pick, but Bailey likes the host country's chances. Bailey's sleeper pick (with some help from the author) is Belgium, although the loss of Christian Benteke is huge.

As for the U.S., Romo said, “I think if they win the first game [against Ghana], they’ll find a way to get through.”

Said Bailey, who believes Landon Donovan should have been on the 23-man roster, “They’ve got to beat Ghana and either get a point or beat Portugal. I think they’re going to have to win two to get through.”