Swim goggles to help tight ends?

IRVING, Texas -- Jason Witten has had five tight ends coaches in his prolific career with the Dallas Cowboys. Mike Pope is the first to make him wear swimming goggles in pass-catching drills.

"You can't see out of the corner of your eyes so it makes you focus on your head has got to take you to the ball," Witten said.

Whatever works.

It's not the only odd drill Pope has incorporated. He has the tight ends working with medicine balls, in which they start at a low position and then throw them in the air to simulate bringing their hips while blocking. He also has them going through a duck-walk while carrying the medicine balls.

"He's the guru of tight ends," Witten said. "It's pretty neat to be around a guy like that that's had so much experience."

Who knows what Pope has in store for the tight ends by the time they get to Oxnard, California, for training camp.

"Coach Pope has a lot of great techniques to help players get better as blockers, as receivers catching the football," coach Jason Garrett said. "I think our guys have all really embraced him and the different things that he has showed them that they haven't seen before."