Is hope all the Cowboys have?

OXNARD, California -- In Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column, he spoke about the hope surrounding the Buffalo Bills and how every team in the NFL has hope when training camp begins.

Even the Dallas Cowboys, coming off three straight 8-8 seasons, having lost Sean Lee, Jason Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware and with a defense filled with questions, have hope.

But as I read King's Fine 15, in which he ranks the best teams in the league, I wondered if hope is all the Cowboys have.

The Seattle Seahawks checked in at No. 1. The San Francisco 49ers were No. 3. The New Orleans Saints were No. 4. The Indianapolis Colts were No. 5. The Philadelphia Eagles were No. 8. The Chicago Bears were No. 9. The St. Louis Rams were No. 10. The Arizona Cardinals were No. 11.

All of those teams appear on the Cowboys' schedule.

That's nine games against King's Fine 15.

King will be the first to tell you his predictions don't always ring true. Personally, I think he's too high on the Rams and possibly the Bears and Cardinals, too.

So much will change between now and the regular season, good and bad, for every team.

Hope is alive, for now.