Cowboys Twitter mailbag, Part 1

OXNARD, Calif. -- Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

If Jerry Jones has changed his ways

The Cowboys' playoff chances.

Jason Garrett's future

Zack Martin at right tackle in 2015

Tony Romo gaining respect

Away we go:

@toddarcher: I guess it's progress that he didn't mention Super Bowl or even hint at lofty expectations for a team that has finished 8-8 the last three seasons. Perhaps Garrett is wearing off on him by trying to under-promise and over-deliver. That's never really been Jones' philosophy. This is the longest drought Jones has had in his tenure, so I think he understands how difficult it is to win in the NFL. Has it humbled him? I'm not sure 'humble' and 'Jerry' go in the same sentence. He believes he has the answers and will never relinquish his general manager title, so I don't think he's changed. I think he's more realistic. This team has challenges from a personnel standpoint and from a schedule standpoint. It won't be impossible for them to contend for a playoff spot, which is how Jerry phrased his expectations on Wednesday. But you can be sure if this team is staring at a playoff spot in December he will have grandiose dreams.

@toddarcher: They were in playoff contention last year with the worst defense in the NFL and the worst defense in franchise history, so I'd have to say yes. That's what the Cowboys are banking on anyway. They believe they have an offense that can be among the best in the NFL. If the defense can just compete a little better, take the ball away at the same rate and perhaps pressure the quarterback a little more consistently, they'll be in the mix again. It's an optimistic view, but that's how Jones prefers to look at things.

@toddarcher: I raised this point in a column not too long ago. I don't think he would leave or look to leave, but he would gain leverage. I think it's something that Jerry would be OK with because it means his patience with Garrett would be justified. Like my previous answer, that's an optimistic view of things, but it could happen. This team could go 6-10, but they could be better. Expectations haven't been this low around here for a long time. Garrett has done some good things as coach in the broad view of the organization. He has made mistakes in games, like all coaches, but Jerry wants to reap the rewards of suffering through those growing pains. I don't think he'd let Garrett walk and would attempt to sign him to an extension before the season ended.

@toddarcher: I guess I never viewed there to be much difference between left guard and right guard, so I don't have a great answer for you other than most teams saw Martin's future in the NFL as a guard because of his shorter arms. I think the possibility exists that he could move to right tackle in 2015 if Doug Free is not back. I think the Cowboys want to keep Free provided the price is right, which would keep Martin at guard. I've heard offensive linemen say all the time that the only difference between left and right is what hand is on the ground and the repetition takes care of any awkwardness if they have to move positions.

@toddarcher: Since he already owns the franchise touchdown mark, I would say no. Romo can earn more respect by taking this team to a conference title or a Super Bowl. Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman have set the standard here with five Super Bowl wins. That's how quarterbacks are measured with the Cowboys and really every quarterback not named Dan Marino. You can make the argument that Romo will leave with the best numbers in franchise history because of the way the game is played these days. It's a pass happy league. If Aikman played today, he would put up bigger numbers than he did. Honestly I wonder if there would be more shots at Romo if/when he surpasses the yardage total because it will give his critics the chance to point out his playoff record and how his stats are hollow.