Selvie still feels he's fighting for a job

OXNARD, Calif. -- Defensive end George Selvie started every game last season, but he's still the same guy who spent the first few days of training camp hoping his phone would ring.

The Dallas Cowboys, desperate for bodies after a rash of injuries to the defensive line early in last year's camp, finally called Selvie. He signed a two-year, minimum-salary deal with nothing guaranteed but a plane ticket to Southern California.

Selvie, who had three sacks and played for three teams in the first three years of his career, showed up to Oxnard believing that this could be his last opportunity to stick in the NFL. He made the most of it, recording seven sacks last season and returning to Oxnard as the starter.

Yet Selvie still feels like he has to compete for a roster spot.

"A lot has changed, but I've got to move forward and go with what I've got now," Selvie said. "I'm very blessed to be in the position that I am in right now. I'm just moving forward and trying to get better.

"I'm not a big-time guy. I'm not getting paid a lot of money. Even those guys are fighting to stay on the roster. If they don't perform, you can get cut. I'm definitely out here trying to get better and trying to fight for a job."

Selvie is fired up about the perception that the defensive line is Dallas' weakest link. He was reminded of that the other night as he watched television with some of his linemates. They were excited to see their pictures flash across the screen, only to then see the words "Biggest Question Mark in the League."

Selvie wants to prove that perception wrong. He wants to prove his performance last season wasn't a fluke. He wants to prove again that he belongs in NFL.

"People still don't give me credit for last year," Selvie said. "But that comes with the territory. I was a no-name guy. I came off the couch. I've just got to go out there and prove myself again. That's what football is all about. Year after year, you've got to come out there and prove yourself."