Check that, Tony Romo to sit

OXNARD, Calif. -- Despite what Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said earlier Tuesday morning, quarterback Tony Romo will not practice in the afternoon.

The Cowboys are being careful with Romo during the early part of training camp and effectively allowing him to set his schedule. Romo sat out of the second day of camp to be ready for the first two full-padded workouts before Monday's off day.

The plan is for Romo to take all of the snaps in practices for Wednesday and Thursday with another off day scheduled for Friday. With today's practice set to have competitive two-minute drill situations, the Cowboys want to limit Romo's work.

He took part in the team part of the morning walkthrough.

"He hasn't had any setback, but the biggest thing that we talk to Tony about and really all of our players about is honest feedback," coach Jason Garrett said. "We recognize that you're a tough player. I saw what you did against the Redskins last year. You've just got to tell us how you're doing, how it's going and make sure we handle it the right way each and every day. There's an old adage in football: A day off can be really valuable and two days off can be lifechanging."

Garrett said the team has yet to formulate plans for the preseason games.

"You really put yourself toward that first game against San Francisco," Garrett said of the Sept. 7 season opener. "So you want to have that in mind the whole time, and Tony's competitive. He wanted to be involved in every OTA practice. He wanted to take every rep, but we have to step in there and say, 'No, we're not going to do that because we've got to remember that it's a 16-game season that begins in September. It's the same approach we take here. Let's keep going forward. Let's keep taking incremental steps, gradual steps to get you ready for that."