Cowboys wake-up call: Day 8

OXNARD, Calif. -- Every day of Dallas Cowboys training camp we’ll offer up a wake-up call that offers a quick review of the previous day and a preview of the current day.

Today’s schedule: The Cowboys practice at 3:45 p.m. PT. Jason Garrett will have his press conference at 12 p.m. PT.

Observations from Wednesday’s practice

  • A big part of Terrance Williams' success is his route running. He made a subtle jab to the inside with his shoulders to draw cornerback Orlando Scandrick inside before bursting outside on a double move. Scandrick ended up tripping and Williams had a big gain.

  • Most of the focus of the team-run period was on outside carries. The defense did a nice job for the most part containing the play on the front side and making sure there were no cutback lanes for either DeMarco Murray or Lance Dunbar.

  • In order to make sure Dan Bailey's right leg remains fresh, the Cowboys chose not to have him kick in special teams work or in live team drills. In the past the Cowboys have brought in a second kicker to rest Bailey’s leg, but they don’t have one now. Punter Cody Mandell can also do some kickoffs.

  • Cornerback B.W. Webb was much maligned for his play as a rookie last year and did not get off to a strong start this spring, but the last few days have been better. Blitzing off the edge in team red-zone drills, Webb was able to knock down a Brandon Weeden pass.

What I’m watching: Morris Claiborne was unable to finish practice because of a knee injury. He has had some ups and downs in camp but was competing better than he had in his previous two camps. Staying healthy, however, has not been his strong suit. He missed time in his first two training camps with minor knee injuries.

If Claiborne sits, then Sterling Moore moves up the food chain with Brandon Carr tending to family business. It was interesting to see rookie Terrance Mitchell get work with the first-team defense late in Wednesday’s practice.

Justin Durant remains the leader in the clubhouse at middle linebacker. As much as the Cowboys like what Rolando McClain has done in his short time with the club, Durant has performed well.

They said it: “I think picking up the kids. I think more than anything you get to the point that as a day you’re kind of hanging out with your in-laws and your children and your two-year old is all over the place. And when he was young, he would come up to me and I would be like, ‘Do you want me to hold you?’ And he’d be like, ‘yes.’ So for whatever reason he thinks ‘hold you’ means ‘hold me.’ And he will come over to me and say, ‘Hold you.’ I don’t think you could hold me, son. But it’s cute so you want to pick him up. In the process early on after surgery, you can’t really pick up your children, so that was probably the toughest thing, just not being able to pick them up. But I can do it now." -- Tony Romo on the most difficult adjustment’s he has had to make out of football since the back surgery.