Cowboys' Twitter mailbag: Part 1

OXNARD, Calif. – Part 1 of the Dallas Cowboys’ Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

Away we go:

@toddarcher: It seems that way, but I'd also point out that Dez Bryant held on to the ball and the offense had a first down on the play. What was good to see was the fight the defense showed, if you know what I mean. I'm not talking about the fisticuffs, necessarily, but the fight about being tired of being killed by the offense just about every day. That was good to see. Wilcox has had a solid camp but he's not been pushed by anybody for the job. I want to see how he plays in the preseason. He has been a tick slow at times in coverage and the run fits have not been the best for the entire defense. Wilcox remains an inexperienced player. He played little as a rookie and played the spot only for a year at Georgia Southern. He is far from a finished product, so there will be more growing pains, especially early in the season, but he is working hard and the hit on Bryant showed he won't be afraid.

@toddarcher: It will be Beasley, but I think you will see the Cowboys go with a committee during the season. Beasley is a real threat in the slot and Tony Romo likes having him on the field. In terms of snaps, I think you'll see Beasley get the most, provided Dez Bryant and Terrance Williams stay healthy. If the Cowboys are behind in games, you will see a lot of Beasley because the Cowboys will lean heavily on their three-wide package. Harris, however, will have a role, too. He is a better blocker in the slot than Beasley just because of his size. But he also has picked up his work as a receiver the past few days in camp as well. Don't count out Gavin Escobar in this mix. I realize he is a tight end, but he will be used like a receiver and flexed out wide a lot. Depending on matchups, circumstances and time of the game, you will see a lot of all three of them.

@toddarcher: He might have been the best linebacker on the field in that loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, but that doesn't make him the best linebacker today. I've got to be honest: Justin Durant has played better than I thought he would as Sean Lee's replacement. He's done a nice job in camp, knows the defense, can get to the ball, can get guys lined up. And Kyle Wilber, who is playing the strong side, is playing well, too. Holloman has seen more time in recent practices at middle linebacker, especially in the nickel defense. I think he'll have a role but it might not be a three-down role as the Cowboys try to figure out the best way to replace Lee.

@toddarcher: Bass has to get healthy, and that has been his issue since joining the team. Just as he is about to make a role for himself, he gets hurt. That happened his first two seasons when he made the team after a rookie-camp tryout, and that happened this summer. Davon Coleman and Ken Bishop are doing some good things. They can't play end, which is something Bass can do, but Bass is falling behind. I haven't had him on my projected 53-man roster to start camp and nothing has changed my mind to put him on the team. He must get healthy to have a chance to make it. He does not have the thick resume to fall back on to make the team.

@toddarcher: Not really. I think they have seven receivers on the roster that could play in the NFL, but you're not going to get much in return from a Dwayne Harris, LaRon Byrd, Jamar Newsome to help the defense. I don't think they could get enough in return for a Joseph Randle, either. The best bet to get help from the defense will either be future or conditional draft picks or picking guys up off the waiver wire.