New PAT works fine for Dan Bailey

SAN DIEGO -- The NFL is experimenting with point after attempts from the 35-yard line in the preseason as a possible prelude to changing the extra point rule in the future.

The Dallas Cowboys practiced the longer PAT during practices in Oxnard, California, and Dan Bailey was able to put it to use in Thursday's 27-7 loss to the San Diego Chargers after Brandon Weeden's touchdown pass to James Hanna.

Bailey made the 35-yard extra point with ease to cap the Cowboys' only lead of the game.

"It really didn't feel much different," Bailey said. "Honestly, the biggest difference was just waiting on everybody to get back to the line. I thought even the officials were a little slower to clear it or mark the ball ready for play. So I think that was the biggest difference."

One change Bailey made was to spot the ball on the right hashmark. For the normal extra points, he spots the ball in the middle of the field.

"I kind of approached it more as a field goal rather than a PAT, so it was good to get at least one," Bailey said. "Hopefully next week when we play Baltimore we can get a couple more shots at it."