Cowboys wake-up call: Day 17

OXNARD, Calif. – Every day of Dallas Cowboys training camp, we’ll offer up a wake-up call that offers a quick review of the previous day and a preview of the current day.

Today's schedule: The Cowboys get back to work with a 6:45 p.m. ET practice. Jason Garrett’s news conference is at 3 p.m. ET.

Quick thoughts on Thursday’s preseason loss to the San Diego Chargers:

  • I liked what Joseph Randle did as a running back. I’ve been a fan of his since he got here. He has some skills. Will he be a star? Doubtful, but he has good vision and feet, if not the best speed. I really liked how he worked in pass protection. However, what will help his cause even more will be his special teams work. He made a tackle on punt coverage.

  • Devin Street carried over a good start to training camp with a good start to the preseason with four catches for 43 yards. He is a smooth route-runner and catches the ball with his hands. He needs to be a little bit more physical at times, but that will come.

  • Kenneth Boatright made a little bit of an impression with a tackle for loss and quarterback hit. He was signed as a practice piece after DeMarcus Lawrence went down, but there might be something to work with. He has miles to go, but he at least intrigued a little.

  • Korey Lindsey will practice with the Cowboys the first time today. Remember that when you want to criticize him for allowing a 70-yard touchdown in the second half. He was officially signed on Wednesday. He learned some coverages in a few hours and played because the Cowboys were so short-handed.

What I’m watching: Cornerback Brandon Carr is expected at practice for the first time in training camp. He tended to his ailing mother and then attended her funeral and took care of family matters. Will the Cowboys work him in slowly or plug him in right away?

Another cornerback, Morris Claiborne, will return to practice after missing a few days with a knee injury. Claiborne was much more aggressive in his approach than in the past – though still giving up plays – so will he be just as aggressive?

Most eyes will be on the defense because of what happened against the Chargers, but Tony Romo will also be back to practice for the first time since a four-day break. Is he refreshed? With the way the schedule falls, Romo should practice the next two days, enjoy an off-day and come back to practice against the Oakland Raiders, leading into the Aug. 16 preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens.

They said it: “Simple mistake. It never should’ve happened. I was snapping it the same way I always did. Just maybe I was a little too urgent, knowing it was a two-minute drill. Never should’ve happened. Won’t happen again.” – Guard/center Mackenzy Bernadeau on his low snap to close the first half that threw off the timing of the final play.