Cowboys' Twitter mailbag, Part 2

OXNARD, Calif. – Part 2 of the Dallas Cowboys Twitter mailbag is ready.

In it we discuss:

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Away we go:

@toddarcher: Because we have to take Sean Lee out of the picture, the answer is no. Barry Churchis solid. Orlando Scandrick is solid. Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne can be solid, but have questions after last season. Henry Melton has a chance to be that guy, as he was in Chicago, but he has to prove it again coming off a torn anterior cruciate ligament. You would like it better if Church and Scandrick were your fifth-best or sixth-best defensive players, not in the top three. They just don't look to have enough players right now to make big changes over what we saw in 2013.

@toddarcher: If this were fantasy football, then sure, but it's not. What do the Cowboys have that the Lions would want? There aren't any matches in personnel. And if you have to give up multiple picks (maybe multiple first-round picks, too), then you're messing up the future and doing what you did when you traded for Roy Williams from Detroit. Do you think they would've liked those picks back after that deal? The Cowboys can't take a short-term view and I don't believe they have. The evidence is how they worked this offseason. Yes, Romo has a smaller window, but you can't risk breaking the future window, either. And remember, they would have to pony up a huge contract to keep Suh, which would affect their cap too much going forward. Just not going to happen.

@toddarcher: I think the question should be, "Will Brent make it?" Remember, he hasn't played football since December 2012. What kind of shape is he in? How does he fit the scheme? He has more questions than Nick Hayden. I kept Hayden off my first two roster projections and that was probably a mistake. I think Hayden makes it regardless. He's tough and smart. Is he a guy you build upon? No, but I don't think Brent is, either.

@toddarcher: Count me as surprised that the coaches held Lance Dunbar out of the Chargers game, but that is a sign of what how important the coaches believe he will be. But it's not like DeMarco Murray will be coming off the field a lot. Scott Linehan will have to be creative. If they run the ball the way they want to run the ball, I think you'll see Dunbar in the 60-carry range if Murray stays healthy. I think he'll be in the 30-catch range too. Those numbers might seem low, but if Dunbar's numbers are much higher, then he's taking away chances from Murray, Dez Bryant and Jason Witten.

@toddarcher: Go sign Jon Kitna? No, I kid. I kid. I don't think they keep a third quarterback on the 53-man roster. Right now, I believe the hope is they put Dustin Vaughan on the practice squad. He has a big arm, and there might be something there to develop. But let's be honest: If Romo goes down and Brandon Weeden goes down, the season is lost. Heck, some will say it would be lost if Weeden has to play. Like any team, if you have to bring in a third starter during a season, most of the time you're not doing so hot. And, yes, I remember the Green Bay Packers last year. That's more the exception than the rule.