Witten: Week has been big for Romo

OXNARD, Calif. -- Every step Tony Romo has taken during Dallas Cowboys training camp has been watched more closely than ever thanks to back surgery last December.

In the last week Jason Garrett said Romo has started to look like his old self after being limited in training camp. He has gone through the last four practices, including two against the Oakland Raiders, and if he works today then it will mark the first time he has practiced three straight days in camp.

“I felt like this was a big week for Tony,” said tight end Jason Witten, the foremost expert on all things Romo. “Early in camp they were resting him some and we did not have him every day. I thought he did a really good job going the right places with the ball, good zip on the ball, leading us on the 2-minute drive (on Wednesday) with the same intensity he always has. I felt like this was a really big week for our team and felt he’s done a really great job setting the tempo for us. These last two days we’ve had success because of the way he’s approached it, so that has been impressive for all of us to see and to get on board with him.”

Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray have been around Romo for four and three seasons, respectively. They have seen the same Romo.

“I haven’t really noticed anything that’s negative about him,” Murray said. “He’s a great leader. He’s come out here and made some great throws. He’s done a heckuva job.”

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones was happy with the Romo he has seen practice the last few days.

“He’s really looked very comfortable out there,” Jones said. “I’m really pleased with where he is.”

Romo said he has simply followed the plan he and the team put together, even if that was not publicly communicated very well. When he sat out the second day of camp there were worries he suffered some sort of setback. Romo will make his preseason debut Saturday against the Ravens, and if form holds he will play 10-14 plays, based on Garrett’s history, before calling it a night,

“You just kind of go by how your body’s telling you and you go, I guess,” Romo said. “There’s no like perfect way to say this, I guess, but when you feel good, you go. Like I’ve said all along, you continue to strengthen your core and glutes. It’s something you do every day. Stuff gets stronger and you get out there and you feel good and you go.”