Ahmad Dixon doesn't apologize for big hit

MIAMI -- Ahmad Dixon built a reputation as a big hitter at Baylor. In his second game with the Dallas Cowboys, the rookie safety will be hearing from the NFL for a hit on a defenseless receiver.

Dixon popped Miami Dolphins wide receiver Matt Hazel near the goal line after a third-down pass fell incomplete. Four plays later the Dolphins had the game-winning touchdown.

“How do you pull up? It’s football,” Dixon said. “What are you supposed to do, just let the man catch the ball then go try to tackle him? Nah. What are we playing for? What is the point of having a defense? What’s the point of having on all these pads? You’re going to sit up here and say, ‘Oh, you can’t hit him, got to let him catch the ball. He’s defenseless.’ So what about those crack backs? That’s not an issue? It is what it is though.”

Coach Jason Garrett said he did not have a good view of the play but the NFL has cracked down on player safety in recent years.

“You want to be a smart football player,” Garrett said. “You want to be a guy we can trust. Just because you’re a guy who can make big, impact hits doesn’t mean we’re going to tolerate penalties. That’s not what we’re going to do. Hopefully he can learn from that situation and understand how they’re going to call the game at this level.”